RKC Training Log: Week 7

Another light week this week from a training perspective.  My back hasn’t fully recovered so that’s meant taking a few extra rest days and holding back intensity a bit.  At 4 weeks out from the certification I’m not quite where I want to be, but there’s still 4 weeks to improve.

Here’s what this week of training looked like:


1A) Squat jump + knee tuck x5 every 30s for 5:00
2A) TGUs x10 – alt sides, 35# KB
3A) 40s work/ 20s rest KB swings @ 53 x 5 rounds

8:00 AMRAP of:
4A) Burpee broad jump x 3
4B) Dbl KB rack squat @ 53s x4
4C) KB swings @ 62 x5
7 rounds + A

For time: 20, 16, 12, 8, 4 reps of each
5A) Sit Outs
5B) KB snatch
5C) Recline Rows


5 rounds of:
A) Sled drag @ 115# x 30yds
B) KB snatch R x8
C) KB clean R x4
D) KB swings x20
E) KB snatch L x8
F) KB clean L x4
G) KB swings x20
H) Sprint x 30yds


5 rounds of:
1A) KB swings x20
1B) BW prisoner squat x20
1C) KB swings x20
1D) Pushups x20
1E) KB swings x20
1F) Pullups x10

5rounds of:
2A) KB snatch 30s R, 30s L
2B) KB clean 30s R, 30s L
2C) KB swings 1:00
rest 1:00

4 rounds of:
3A) KB OH + suitcase farmer walk x50ft ea side
3B) Burpee x15
3C) Plank x max

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