RKC Training Log: Week 8

The weeks are flying by now.  I’m feeling a bit better than last week, although I woke up with a bit of a sore back so I took a precautionary rest day today. Other than that the workouts this week were solid. The biggest setback was tearing a callus off my hand on Monday, but I was back to doing high rep snatches on Saturday so at least my hands are healing fast.

Here’s what the week looked like:


1A) Broad Jumps x10

EMOM x 10:00
2A) Odd minutes – Sandbag power clean x5
2B) Even minutes – BB Front Squat x5

5 rounds:
3A) Weighted pullups @ 35# x5
3B) Pushups x10
3C) KB swings @ 62 x20

7 rounds:
4A) Dbl KB deadlifts x9
4B) Dbl KB cleans x6
4C) Dbl KB thruster x3


4 rounds:
1A) KB swings x15
1B) Skater Hops x20
1C) KB swings x15
1D) Mt. Climbers x20
1E) KB swings x15
1F) Pullups x10
1G) KB swings x15
1H) Burpees x10

4 rounds:
2A) One arm swing R x 30s
2B) One arm swing L x 30s
2C) Goblet squat x 30s
2D) Goblet squat hold


8:00 AMRAP of:
1A) Step Vertical Jump x3/leg
1B) Offset pushups on KB x5/side
1C) KB clean x10/side
4 cleans short of 5 complete rounds

2A) 100 KB snatches for time: 5:11

4 rounds, with 53# KB, of
3A) KB Ground to Overhead x10
3B) Goblet Squat x10
3C) Russian swing x10
rest 30s between rounds

4 rounds of:
4A) Loaded carry ~ 100ft – 85# SB on shoulder, 80# KB at side, alt sides each round
4B) Mt. Climbers x15/side
4C) Hollow Rocks x20

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