Rocking, Swinging, and Burpee “Fun”isher

I have been on a steady diet of kettlebell swings and get ups for the last month so it’s only natural to include some swings in one of these weekly finishers. While I’ve been focusing on form and power generation in my main sets, this versatile exercise is still great for conditioning.

Pair that with some core work and my least favorite burpee variation and you’ve got yourself a decent finisher. I went with hand to hand swings, but if you are not confident with that skill simply do 5 single arm swings on each side. Here’s the full set up:

7 rounds, for time:
2A) Hollow Rocks x20
2B) Hand to Hand swings x10
2C) Bottom Half Burpee x5

Here’s a couple of rounds on video to give you an idea of what it looks like:

7 rds took around 9:00. Feel free to add or subtract based on your own time contraints

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