Sandbag and Lunge Jump Ladder “Fun”isher

Alright, it’s Friday again. Hopefully that means you’ve had a solid week of training and are gearing up for a fantastic weekend. Mine went well, although it involved restructuring my schedule a bit. A little lack of hand care maintenance will do that from time to time. I hate it when I let that slide. Callouses end up looking like this:


Yup, split right in half a few days ago. So, yeah, while that heals up high rep ballistic kettlebell exercises are off the table. A clean and press workout turned into a strict pressing workout earlier this week. Then there’s the option of not even touching a kettlebell and using bodyweight exercises and other training implements. That’s where a good finisher like this one comes into play. All you need to do is grab a sandbag and get after it!

5:00 AMRAP
3A) SB Shouldering x1, 2, 3…/side
3B) Lunge Jump x 2, 4, 6…/side

Like always, simple yet effective. Here’s a video to see what it looks like:

Try it out, it’s a fun one!

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