Single Arm, Single Leg Burpee “Fun”isher

Ahhh….the burpee. There might not be a more universally abhorred exercise. Fortunately I am not one of the many who dislike the burpee. I actually like it quite a bit, and not just because of how many different muscle groups it works or what it can do to your heart rate in a short amount of time. I just think they are fun. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

Although I like the movement that doesn’t mean that I don’t get bored with it from time to time. When I start getting bored that means it is time to start subbing in different variations of the exercise. My most recent favorite has been the burpee with a broad jump. Fortunately, there are quite a few other variations to choose from so today I went with the single limb varieties: the single arm burpee and the single leg burpee. Mix those together with some T-rotation pushups and Cossack squats and there’s a lot of single limbed goodness going on in this finisher.

Here’s the set up:

6 rounds of:

A) single arm burpee x6
B) T-rotation pushup x6
C) single leg burpee x6
D) Cossack squat x6

Make sure you check out the video here to see how these are all done:

Main note: NO pushup with the single arm bupees (unless your one arm pushups are freakishly good). Took me eight and half minutes. How fast can you do it?

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