Snatch Match Workout “Fun”isher

Friday again? Funny how spending two days in a car will make the week fly by. I’m not a huge fan of travel. Being cramped up inside a car or plane for hours on end is not my idea of a good time. We’re meant to move!

When you are spending that much time on the road you need a quick workout to unwind and work the kinks out. Kettlebells are great for that. You can just throw one in your trunk, whip it out at your destination (or at a rest stop) and knock out a quality workout. A good example of that would be today’s finisher, which is a nice blend of kettlebell and bodyweight work. Short and intense, just the way I like it. Plus it’s got a catchy rhyming name

Here’s the setup of this Snatch Match workout, where you’ll be matching your reps of the bodyweight exercises to the reps of the snatch completed in the first part:

1A) Single arm KB snatch x 2:00 (alternate arms as necessary)
1B) Pushups x # reps of 1A
1C) BW Squats x # reps of 1A
1D) Burpees x # reps of 1A

This looked easy on paper, but I struggled with the bodyweight stuff after hitting 46 snatches. I want to go slap my video self for poor pushup form. Anyway here’s the video, and again I apologize for the quality issues (swear I’m gonna fire my cameraman). The blurriness clears up shortly in:

If you’re feeling feisty, try it out and let me know how many reps you got in!

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