Snatch, Press, Lunge Complex “Fun”isher

I deadlifted today….with a barbell! And it was wonderful. You see, 8 months ago I had to put my barbell into storage when I moved. I never joined a gym and I’ve been exclusively training with kettlebells since then so it’s been a long, long time since I’ve picked up anything really heavy. Twenty rep deadlifts with 150 pounds of kettlebells just doesn’t quite qualify. Now that I’ve pulled the old bar out of storage it’s time to incorporate heavy training back into the mix. I eased into things today, working up to three reps at 295. Not too shabby for eight months off.

Of course, after the heavy lifting is done I still have to get some conditioning in and that’s where a finisher like today’s complex comes into play. Low reps, so a moderate weight works great for this one, and you don’t have to worry about counting too high . I used a snatch sized bell and it was just right for a conditioning set like this. Here’s the set up:

5:00 AMRAP of:

A) Snatch x2
B) Press x2
C) Drop Lunge x2
alternate sides ea round

And of course the video:

I probably would have gotten an extra set in had I not torn a callous off toward the end. Try it out and let me know how many rounds you get in in the comments below

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