Submax Superset “Fun”isher #3

The submax theme continues with this week’s brand new finisher. It’s now the third installment in the “Submax Superset” series and it continues the tradition of being a tough little challenge

This week is a similar set up using a set number of reps for one movement, supersetted with submaximal reps of another movement and repeating until you hit a goal. In this particular case it’s achieving 50 reps of toes to bar in the fewest number of rounds.

As a reminder doing submax reps involve doing as many reps as possible, but stopping before you hit complete failure. So leave one to two reps in the tank.

Here’s the simple set up:

1A) Sit Outs x 10 per side

1B) Toes to Bar x submax (can regress to hanging leg raises if need be)

Repeat until 50 reps of Toes to Bar are completed

Here’s how my workout was going right up until my camera died 😉

Try it out and let me know how you do!

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