Swing and Pushup Ladder “Fun”isher

Here’s another simple, but effective finisher. I love simple because you can just get after it without much thought. This one uses two basic movements: The kettlebell swing and a pushup variation called the hand release pushup.

If you’ve never done this variation of pushup it is done just as it sounds. At the bottom of each rep simply rest your chest on the ground, pick your hands up off the ground for a split second, and then push back up. I like this variation because it uses a slightly larger range of motion and places a little more emphasis on form by taking away the momentum of a normal pushup.

Here’s how this one is set up:

4:00 AMRAP of:
A) HR pushups x8
B) KB swings x 8, 10, 12…

And the video:

Try it out and let me know what you think of the Hand Release pushups

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