Swing, Hop, and Jump “Fun”isher

Today’s finisher is a little change of pace from what I usually post.  Too often I’m programming ladders, AMRAPs, or long “for time” grinder sessions to end my workout and I can forget about how effective a good interval set up is for cranking up the heart rate after a good workout.

So today is one such interval session that uses a 40 second work period and 20 second rest period for six total rounds. Here’s the set up used:

2x through, 40s/20s work/rest
A) Single arm KB Swing (use alternate arm the second time through)
B) Skater Hops
C) Burpee Box Jumps

Here’s a video of how it went for me (I apologize for the sloppy skater hops ;))

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Clean and Press, Row Ladder "Fun"isher
4 Rep Kettlebell Complex "Fun"isher

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