Swing, Push, Row Workout

Guess what happened to me this week? I got one of those pesky summer colds. It hit me early in the week and came and went pretty quickly so I was thankful for that. It forced me to take a few days off of training which was okay because I probably needed them. Definitely back full strength the last couple of days cause I had a pretty good day of deadlifting, pulling 315 for four reps. Technically a PR since I usually pull singles or doubles when I go heavy.

Being back at full strength means being able to attack a workout finisher with gusto. The one I’ve got for you today really did the trick. Don’t be afraid to go a little heavier on this one, as the movements (rows and swings) can be done with a little more weight than the typical conditioning circuits I post. In addition to the rows and swings we will add in switch pushups, which are done with one hand on a kettlebell and a transition to the other hand at the top of the pushup position. Sound confusing? Well, check out the video after the set up.

6:00 AMRAP
A) 2 hand KB swings x12
B) Switch Pushups on KB x8
C) Single arm Bent Row x4/arm

Give it a go and let me know how many rounds you get through in the comments below! ( I got in 4 plus 12 swings and 4 pushups)

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