The Fours Workout “Fun”isher

Yikes! I’ve been a bit MIA around here. Gonna have to make up for that absence with some quality workouts for you, starting right now. This particular workout is sort of a microcosm of what my current training is looking like. Strength/skill work with the barbell to start, using lifts like the squat, deadlift, clean, snatch, and pressing varieities. Then throw in some bodyweight work with pullup and pushup varieties. And finally finishing up with some more bodyweight stuff interspersed with kettlebell work for some conditioning.

This particular workout I’ve dubbed “The Fours.” Hopefully the naming is obivous. 4 rounds, 4 moves, 4 reps each. Here’s the setup:

4 rounds, for time
A) BB Front Squat x4
B) Handstand Pushup x4
C) Pullups x4
D) Plank KB drags x 4/side

And here’s a video with a short description and demo of the workout:

If you can’t do pullups or handstand pushups then sub in recline rows and regular pushups. And, if you’re feeling particularly saucy this could easily be turned into a full workout by doing it as a twenty minute AMRAP or pushing the number of rounds to 10 or 12. As always, have fun with it and let me know how it goes.

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