Thruster and Burpee Countdown “Fun”isher

Yo! It’s Friday again and I’ve got a pretty darn good workout finisher for you today. Tomorrow I am running my first race in about two years. 4 miles with obstacles. I think I’m ready. Been running a few times a week and lifting plenty so hopefully that will pay off. If not, it should still be good muddy fun.

I used this finisher recently as part of my prep it is a little bit of an ass kicker, in a good way of course . Two moves in a descending ladder format should test you pretty well. It did me as I was panting in a heap on the ground afterward. Here how this one sets up:

For time:
A) KB Goblet Thruster x 10, 9, 8…1
B) Burpee w/ Tuck Jump x 10, 9, 8…1

Took me 12:50 to grind through. Try it out and see how you do!

Lunge, Burpee, and Swing "Fun"isher
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