Triple Sevens KB/BW Hybrid “Fun”isher

I am just settling in for a little Friday night football watching. I am hoping week 2 of the college season stacks up to week 1, but the matchups this week aren’t instilling a lot of confidence that it will. You never know with college football though.

One thing I am sure of is that there will be a lot of skill and athleticism on display while I watch, which is always entertaining. While I never had the skill to be a collegiate athlete that doesn’t mean I can’t work out like one. Take today’s finisher, for instance. We have a technical skill, the kettlebell clean, an athletic plyometric movement in the burpee, and another athletic move, hanging toes to bar. Here’s a look at how I combined them:

5 rounds, for time
A) Double KB Clean x7
B) Burpee x7
C) Toes to Bar x7

As usual here is a video demo to let you see how it’s done:

Give this one a go. It took meĀ  a shade over 8 minutes. See if you can beat that time and post it below!

Race to 50 Bodyweight Workout "Fun"isher
Lunge, Burpee, and Swing "Fun"isher

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